Farm helpers

The Katholische Dorf- und Betriebshilfe GmbH helps families in rural areas and in agriculture with social and business emergencies. With more than 2,000 emergency personnel and more than 70 emergency management units, it is the largest contact point for village, company and family assistance in Bavaria.

It can happen quickly that a company or a family is in need. In this case, everyone can contact the farm helpers. They are trained to provide the right help in difficult situations such as accidents, hospitalization, preventative care, incapacity for work, pregnancy and maternity leave, death, etc.

Katholische Dorf- und Betriebshilfe GmbH
Dr. Georg-Heim-Allee 1
84036 Landshut
0871 965540
 info(at) (only available in German)

Operations management:
Maschinenring Erding e.V.
Dr.-Ulrich-Weg 3
85435 Erding
08122 95981-23

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