Dwarf Forest

The Zwergerlwald near Taufkirchen (Vils) is one of the attractions of the region, which is always a popular destination for families, but also clubs and school classes.

The exact location can be found in the local map on the page "What can I find where?" under "Dwarf Forest". The forest is also very easy to find if you start in the Ziegelfeld residential area at the playground and follow the signs to the "Zwergerlwald".

Whether from the community kindergarten or Eldering, the path is also easy for children. In total, over 500 dwarves can be admired, many of which were donated. Small or large, new or old, a singing fish or Snow White - every dwarf is unique. Tables and benches are available for a snack break.

In 2001, a chapel was built in the Zwergerlwald, which was donated by Andreas Fortner from Taufkirchen.

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