Cycle paths

The area of the municipality of Taufkirchen (Vils) is ideal for extended tours by bike due to its location in the Vilstal. Particularly beautiful and signposted routes can be found here: 

Routes through Taufkirchen (Vils)

Since September 2017, Taufkirchen (Vils) has had extensive signposting of the cycle routes as well as signs to all important local facilities. All routes meet at certain points, so that the change in all further directions is possible. 

Vilstal Cycle Path

On the former route of the railway line Dorfen - Taufkirchen (Vils) - Velden, which was closed in 1993, one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Bavaria was built in 1999/2000. After the three municipalities involved had acquired the land in a long-standing negotiation poker with the Deutsche Bundesbahn in 1998, progress was made quickly, especially in Taufkirchen (Vils). In October 1999, the Taufkirchen (Vils) – Velden section was opened. A year later, the line to Dorfen followed.

Since the route has only slight inclines, many families with children take a cycling trip here. The route, which is paved throughout, is shared by cyclists, walkers and skaters.

If you want to enjoy nature, you can make the most of it: The route leads past fields, pastures and wooded areas. Between Taufkirchen (Vils) and Dorfen you have a magnificent view over the Isental. Numerous rest areas with benches invite you to linger. For a snack, there are also several refreshment stops along the route.

Route of the Vilstal Cycle Path

Sempt-Isen Cycle Path

The Sempt-Isen cycle path runs through the agricultural district of Erding. It crosses the moss landscapes between Ismaning and Erding and the tertiary hill country with beautiful views between Erding and Schwindegg. Mainly low-traffic roads with good pavement are used. At Babing, the cycle path leads to a former railway line. Here you can also change to the Vilstal cycle path.

Route of the Sempt-Isen cycle path

More Cycling Tours

The district of Erding offers some more signposted and very beautiful tours, which also lead through the municipality of Taufkirchen (Vils). A very worth seeing tour with a great experience factor is the castle tour, which passes among other things the moated castle Taufkirchen (Vils). Also interesting is the SkulpTour, which has a stop right behind the Taufkirchen town hall at the sculpture “Bierblumentanz".

Further information about cycling in the district of Erding can be found on the homepage of the district office Erding.

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