Mission statement

The mission statement sums up the future visions of our community. Under the title “Our Mission Statement - Our Future”, a project group made up of members of the city council and the Columbus Achter developed new guidelines for the community.

On the basis of the old model from 1998 and 2005, a concept was created that also addresses new challenges in community development, such as the topics of "inclusion", "digitalization" and "tourism".

The new guiding principles were presented to the city council in June 2018. The content was approved unanimously.

Guiding principle

It is our aim to sustainably secure, strengthen and further develop the quality of life in our community. The basis for this is our mission statement, which focuses on:

  • Work & Supply
  • Education, care & inclusion
  • Landscape & townscape
  • Culture, leisure & tourism

The complete formulation of the mission statement, which has been applied since June 2018, is available in the following link as a PDF file:

Leitbild der Gemeinde Taufkirchen (Vils) (Only available in German)

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