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The term “inclusion” describes a society in which everyone can participate equally and independently in social and professional life - regardless of gender, age, origin, language, skin color, religion, level of education, disability, illness or other individual characteristics. Inclusion is a fundamental human right. In an inclusive society, diversity and differences are valued as normal and enriching. On this basis, frame conditions must be created that enable inclusion in all areas of life.

"Taufkirchen for everyone" - our community practices inclusion

Under this motto, the municipality of Taufkirchen (Vils) has set itself the task of promoting inclusion. A forum meeting gave the starting shot for community work in November 2016. Afterwards, various fields of action were established for further work.

These are:

  • Working world
  • Health & social system
  • Education
  • Clubs & recreation
  • Culture
  • Public life
  • Construction & Residency 

If you are interested in participating in one of the fields of action, please contact Carolin Hendrych

City council resolution

On January 16, 2018, the city council adopted guidelines on social participation:

Guidelines for Inclusion (only available in German)

Demographics Designer Award 2018

On June 4th 2018, Federal Family Minister Dr. Franziska Giffey honored five multi-generation houses with the “DemografieGestalter 2018” award. The winners of the prize in the “Participation Processes” category were the multi-generation house Taufkirchen and the municipality of Taufkirchen with the project “Taufkirchen for everyone - our community practices inclusion”.

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