Taufkirchen (Vils) today

A space for living and relaxing

The quality of life in Taufkirchen (Vils) is based in particular on a lively together of the residents, a comprehensive range of educational, leisure and cultural offers as well as attractive living space. The municipality's goal set a few years ago to pursue sustainable and family-friendly local development has been implemented very successfully in many areas. New residential areas were created. They are particularly valued by young families because of their proximity to the town center and its facilities.

Numerous education, play and leisure facilities have been set up for the youngest community residents.
With the modern senior citizen service center and the nursing home "Villa Moosen" there is a wide range of support, care and advice available for our older citizens.

An attractive place for trade and commerce

Taufkirchen (Vils) is a residential community that is characterized by handicrafts and agriculture. The upholstered furniture manufacturer "himolla" emerged from a family-run business. Almost 1,100 employees at the Taufkirchen plant guarantee the company's efficiency today.

With around 700 employees, the kbo-Isar-Amper Klinikum Taufkirchen (Vils) is the second largest employer in the area. The specialist hospital for psychiatry and psychotherapy provides 180 beds for the inpatient care of patients from the districts of Erding, Freising and Munich. In 1998 the kbo-Isar-Amper Klinikum Taufkirchen (Vils) was the first facility in Germany to open a purely women's forensic facility. Since the expansion of the Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry in 2011, 154 criminal patients can be accommodated. The Taufkirchen (Vils) clinic is the specialized treatment center for Huntington's disease in southern Germany (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Thuringia, Saxony, partly Hesse and Saxony-Anhalt) .

The medical care of the Taufkirchen population is guaranteed by numerous resident doctors.

Banks and insurance companies as well as service companies are finding more and more space in Taufkirchen's business life. An extensive range of goods is offered by numerous specialty shops and supermarkets.

The gastronomy is also characterized by quality and variety, from Bavarian to international cuisine. Hotels and pensions offer overnight accommodation.

Agriculture is still a defining element, especially in the rural areas, whereby the tendency towards concentration is also visible here.

Culture and Recreation

Culture and history are deeply rooted in Taufkirchen (Vils). The focus is on the moated castle, which was first mentioned in a document in 1263.

Active leisure and community life is supported by more than 100 clubs that ensure a rich social, sporting and cultural together.

You can find an overview of the numerous cultural and leisure activities under the heading “Culture and Recreation”.

Visions for Taufkirchen

Unique in the area of municipal self-government, the municipality of Taufkirchen (Vils) has broken new ground in municipal marketing with the "Columbus" project. The holistic development of the community is the goal that is pursued here.

Together with economic committees, with young people and senior citizens, with representatives of the associations, schools and agriculture, the "service provider" municipality is working determined on the further development of the middle-center Taufkirchen (Vils).

In addition to the quality of life, the economic upswing in Taufkirchen is of considerable importance. The establishment of new and the development of existing companies is to be supported by the designation of new industrial park areas and targeted economic development.

We are a community that keeps moving -
Aware of our traditions, young, innovative and lovable!

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