Children's and youth center

This project with its networking of various care and support options for children and young people was unique in Bavaria at the time of its creation. It was installed in 2004 as a children's and youth center. The Caritas Erding took over the sponsorship. At the end of 2005, a separate building for the offered services was put into operation on Pfarrweg.

History of the multi-generation house

In addition to extensive childcare, there was soon a wide range of options for all age groups. The secret of success was effective networking of the then head Doris Schellner and her team.

Multi-generation house

As a result, in October 2007 the children's and youth center was included in the federal family ministry's nationwide action program “Multi-Generation Houses”. As one of around 500 such institutions in Germany and as a model project in the Erding district, the MGH in Taufkirchen received generous ideal and financial support.


Taufkirchen's pioneering role in the area of “multi-generation houses” was also met with recognition in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. The then Cardinal Friedrich Wetter was a guest in the new multi-generation house in December 2007.


Another highlight in the history of the multi-generation house was the visit of the then incumbent Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen in August 2008. The minister took a tour of the house to get an impression of the services and exchanged ideas with the numerous guests, large and small.


The Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer also stopped by in May 2012. After his visit, he was impressed. He traveled a lot in Germany and abroad, but a house like this "with such a warm atmosphere, lots of creativness and innovative ideas" is rare.


For the current team around Claudia Buchberger (house manager), Barbara Gaab (managing director of the Erdinger Caritas Center) and Mayor Stefan Haberl as the responsible representative of the municipal facility, the recognition for the achievements to date is an incentive to continue to operate the local multi-generation house.

(Article created: December 2013, revised May 2021)

Initiators and pioneers:

  • Mayor Franz Hofstetter
  • Doris Schellner, founding director of the children's and youth center
  • Alex Bachmeier, former school principal and school inspector
  • Hans Hartmann, former secondary school teacher

Godparents of the multi-generation house:

  • Mayor Franz Hofstetter
  • Gabi Hofstetter
  • Alex Bachmeier, former school principal and school inspector
  • Monika Gruber, actress and cabaret artist


The support association of the multi-generation house was founded in 2011 by committed sponsors. An important goal of the development association is the secure financing of services in the future, especially in the event that subsidies are no longer available.

The membership fee is 24 euros per year. Members of the development association receive discounts at various events.

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