Help for people with disabilities

This website and the website Online-Kompass are barrier-free: A reading view is available, which can be read to the user with the appropriate end devices.

You will also find offers here for people with disabilities, especially physical disabilities:

  • Barrier-free parking spaces
  • Barrier-free toilets
  • Barrier-free access to buses
  • Crossing aids
  • Elevators in public buildings
  • Barrier-free access

In the preview graphic on the right you will find an overview of barrier-free parking spaces and toilets as well as bus entrances and elevators in public buildings (please click on the graphic to enlarge it).

A representation of the individual species entered in the graphic can be found below as a PDF file for download.

Barrier-free parking spaces

A street map of the main town of Taufkirchen (Vils), which shows the barrier-free parking spaces (as of summer 2018), is available as a PDF file (1.7 MB) with this link:

Plan of barrier-free parking spaces

Barrier-free toilets

With the following link you will get an overview of the barrier-free toilets in the local area, also as a PDF file (1,7 MB) for download. The times at which the toilets can be used are also given.

Plan barrier-free toilets

Barrier-free bus access

With the following link you will receive a map as a PDF file (1.7 MB), on which the barrier-free bus entrances are marked. You can also download this overview.

Bus access plan

Elevators in public buildings

With the following link you can download an overview of the elevators in public buildings in the community of Taufkirchen (Vils), also as a PDF file (1.7 MB) for download.

Elevators in public buildings


Wheelmap is a website and app that displays wheelchair accessible places and toilets. Everyone can help here to update the map.

Click here for the:

Wheelmap Webversion 
Wheelmap App

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