Social fund of Taufkirchen (Vils)

The Taufkirchen social fund supports people from the community area in the event of unexpected or acute financial emergencies. Social institutions within the community have already received financial aid for measures or projects that could not be regularly funded by the organization or the state. The social fund was founded in 2013 by former mayor Franz Hofstetter.

The incumbent municipal council decided to continue the existing social fund and regulated the decision-making authority for the allocation of financial resources:

  • In the case of people from the municipal area who unexpectedly or acutely find themselves in financial difficulties, the 1st mayor decides on the allocation of aid from the social fund.
  • After consultation with the incumbent social officers, the mayor decides on further allocation of aid from the social fund to social institutions/committees in the community area.

The funding applications - with detailed justification - should be sent in writing to the municipality of Taufkirchen (Vils), Georg Schmittner, schmittner(at), Tel. 08084 3740.

The community of Taufkirchen (Vils) would be very happy if the fund continued to be filled in order to support social "hot spots" in their own community. Donation receipts will be issued.

Silent help for the Vilsgemeinde – donate to the Taufkirchen social fund

bank details

  • VR-Bank Taufkirchen-Dorfen e.G. 
    IBAN DE88 7016 9566 0000 0004 42
  • Sparkasse Erding-Dorfen
    IBAN DE86 7005 1995 0810 2000 14

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