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Archive Curator

Since February 2020, the local history community archive has been headed by administrative assistant Tobias Karbaumer. Tobias Karbaumer succeeded the previous archive curator Hans Jell, who had looked after the archive since 2007 with great expenditure of time and died unexpectedly in December 2019.

Together with the former VR-Bank manager of Hohenpolding, Hermann Hoffmann, as well as the former managing director of the Taufkirchen town hall, Konrad Karbaumer, both of whom are very familiar with the history of the community and the village of Taufkirchen (Vils), the archive has now been completely rearranged. In the course of this redesign, an amazing exhibition was created, which stands out for its extensive and detailed spectrum.

Redesigned municipal archive

The newly designed local history community archive is located on the first floor of the building at Reckenbacher Straße 25, which also houses the Taufkirchen Youth Centre. The archive includes a hall with 170 m², a document room with 27 m² and an office with 20 m². There are about 1,300 exhibits in the hall, of which about 800 are in the exhibition and 500 in the depot.



The basis of the local history community archive is the collection of the local historian Ludwig Tafelmayer, who was awarded the Taufkirchen Citizens' Medal in 2006 for his voluntary commitment. The former municipal archivist collected everything that was considered historically valuable. In addition, Ludwig Tafelmayer collected many written and pictorial documents, which he kept in 950 themed folders and made the subject of the former permanent exhibition in the old town hall on Attinger Weg, which was very opulent and comprised a total of 700 exhibition panels. The "Tafelmayer" collection, which even extended beyond the municipal boundaries, is an important historical treasure and unique in the district of Erding.

As a further focus, the municipal archive has recently also had the collection of the local journalist and local historian Josef Heilmeier, which contains a local chronicle with extensive written and pictorial material and is also of outstanding importance for the history of the community. In 2018, his son Manfred and his wife Almut donated this historically significant documentation for the municipality of Taufkirchen (Vils) to the community.

A stately collection of DVD's and VHS video cassettes, all of which have now been digitized, ensures that social life and the history of the community can also be shown in moving pictures. These film recordings are largely due to the filmmaker Heinz Lang and the local historian and former teacher Hubert Kemper, who have created great local history film documents in a joint production.

Exhibits from yesteryear

About 500 archaeological and geological objects (soil finds) are exhibited in a glass cabinet. In addition, the school archive with over 1,000 censorship books and student lists has recently been included in the local history community archive.

In particular, numerous donations from local residents help to ensure that the historical exhibition offers a representative cross-section of everyday life. With many exhibits from trade, crafts, household, school, church, clubs, etc., it is shown how it was "in the past" or which objects were used 50, 100 or even more years ago.

The fact that a permanent exhibition has now been developed from the archive depot is due to the fortunate circumstance that 13 display cabinets and 20 bookshelves were made available to the archive in connection with the evacuation of the old secondary school buildings. Thus, the exhibition was created almost at "zero cost". Only a few computer devices with appropriate management software were newly purchased, so that in the medium term it is possible for the archive to digitize documents and thus ensure the preservation of the stock in the long term and permanently.

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