Neighborhood help Moosen and Taufkirchen (Vils) e.V.

Everything was just going smoothly and suddenly you are confronted with an extreme life situation. How quickly can someone get sick or need help for other reasons. In these cases, the association Neighborhood help Moosen and Taufkirchen e.V. offers organised neighbourhood help. Domestic services are provided quickly and complement existing social facilities.

The association is working on establishing a connection – building a bridge – between people who need help and people who want to actively help. The purpose of the association is to offer a mediation office.

You need help:
Get in contact with the Operations Management

  • Elfriede Mittermeier
    08084 2830
  • Ute Woldrich
     08084 5034564

You can find out more about the association, its activities and the possibilities of application at (only available in German)

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