Senior advisory board Taufkirchen (Vils)

A senior advisory board was founded in 1997 in the municipality of Taufkirchen (Vils) to take care of the interests of the elderly.

The Senior Advisory Board is non-partisan, non-denominational and independent of any association. He is the mediator between the older generation, the municipal administration, the associations, the associations and organizations that deal with senior-related issues and the public with the aim of better cooperation and coordination of the individual institutions and associations in order to make senior care more effective. In addition, the senior advisory board should encourage the older generation to take an active part in life.

The Senior Advisory Board is a member of the 50plus working group, the Forum Inclusion and the Columbus Eighth.

The term of office of the senior advisory board is 3 years. Members of the advisory board can only be citizens of the municipality of Taufkirchen (Vils) who have reached the age of 60 and who meet the eligibility requirements according to Art. 20 GLKrWG.

Members of the Senior Advisory Board

The Senior Advisory Board was elected for 3 years on October 22nd 2021:


  • Heinz Schreiner
    Ahornstraße 4, 84416 Taufkirchen (Vils), Moosen (Vils)

Deputy Chairwoman & Treasurer:

  • Helga Mühlenbeck
    Pater-Rupert-Mayer-Siedlung 14, 84416 Taufkirchen (Vils)


  • Günter Heindle
    Pfarrweg 29, 84416 Taufkirchen (Vils)

Other board members:

  • Nadiya Hutter
    Brauerweg 9, 84416 Taufkirchen (Vils)
  • Eike Knoll
    Vöttinger Straße 11, 84416 Taufkirchen (Vils)
  • Rosemarie Heindle
    Pfarrweg 29, 84416 Taufkirchen (Vils)
  • Reiner Margit
    Am Ziegelfeld 3, 84416 Taufkirchen (Vils)

The Seniors Advisory Board can be reached at seniorenbeirat(at) for requests, suggestions and criticism.

You can find more information and the latest news on the Seniors Advisory Board's own homepage at


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