Project 50plus

Working group 50plus

Since 2007, this voluntary working group has been dealing specifically with the care of elderly people in Taufkirchen (Vils) and is composed as follows:

  • 1st mayor
  • 1 Advisor Family and Social Affairs
  • Senior Citizens' Advisory Council (1st and 2nd chairpersons)
  • Multi-generational house
  • Church social groups (2 representatives)
  • Senior Service Center (Director)

These projects are the result of the working group:

  • Day of action 50plus
  • Questionnaire
  • Senior guide

Action day 50plus - Healthy living in Taufkirchen

On 13.04.2008 the day of action “50plus”, an event of the municipality in collaboration with the TSV Taufkirchen (Vils), the AOK and many other institutions and local associations took place.

The population was cordially invited to participate in a “Nordic Walking” training session, to get to know different health groups of the TSV 1893 Taufkirchen (Vils) and other clubs at hands-on events.  In panel discussions on topics such as health, nutrition and exercise, experts expressed their opinions from a medical and nutritional point of view.  Visitors were able to get interesting and useful information and tips at the small health fair with information stands.

Questionnaire action – for better cooperation

The questionnaire for recording the wishes and demands was distributed at the beginning of 2009 to all citizens of the municipality from the age of 50.

The questionnaire included 75 questions on individual living situations, leisure activities, expectations of services and infrastructural improvements in the municipality as well as the assessment of the offers made by institutions, organisations and companies in relation to the 50plus generation.
You can download the questionnaire here.

The evaluation has shown that the majority of Taufkirchen citizens are satisfied with the current situation and do not see a great need for change. Nevertheless, there are smaller points of action that serve as a basis for future decisions in municipal politics and for further developments in senior citizen work.
The results of the questionnaire action can be found here.

Senior Guide 50plus

Based on the results of the questionnaire campaign, a senior citizens' guide was created, which was presented in September 2011.

This comprehensive and clearly arranged brochure serves the elderly as a reference work on a wide variety of areas, such as offers for the elderly, associations, doctors, offices and authorities, advice centers as well as care and support. It contains contact points when assistance is required and names contact persons. Not only seniors, but also relatives can use this work sensibly.

The senior citizens' guide is available in the town hall at the Infopoint or can be downloaded here (3,9 MB) 

Municipal Senior Citizens' Policy Award

In 2010, the municipality of Taufkirchen (Vils) was awarded the first place of the promotional prize “Municipal Senior Policy” for its work with senior citizens. The jury was impressed by the numerous offers for Taufkirchen citizens in the area of support and care, as well as by the exemplary opportunities for social participation in the Vilsgemeinde. The skills of older citizens are used and preserved: "Senior citizen work is actively carried out," was the justification of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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